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Follow these photographers around the city to discover something new every day.


By Nikoloz Chuguashvili

The Green Climbers

Old Town by Masha Fedorova.

Vantage Point

Only when you’re up high and looking down at the city you feel why so many people before you have fallen in love with her.

By Jennifer Rice

The Boys of Yesteryear

It’s tough out there right now. That’s undeniable. The COVID-19—is dramatically altering the structure of our everyday lives with orders of social distancing, curfews, quarantines, etc.


Streets of Tbilisi

One of the city’s tree-lined streets that’s so pleasant to walk on during the summer heat.

Old town blues

Strolling down the hill in the old town.

Photo by Madras91

Georgian Artists

Showcasing art by recognized and emerging artists.


Scared to find out what this mix of drugs is doing to me.

Aison Ower

Oil on canvas

Mako Lomadze

My kind of Medusa
Oil on round canvas

Mariam Sitchinava

Tbilisi Neighborhoods

Our neighborhoods are very diverse yet equally enjoyable with their own distinct vibe and architecture.



Tourists usually find themselves in this district one way or another. It's almost impossible to miss - it has palaces, giant churches, crying mountains, huge parks, etc. There's a lot to see and do in Avlabari. Avlabari is more residential than touristy, yet very...

Where To Live In Tbilisi

Where To Live In Tbilisi

Moving to Tbilisi when you’ve never lived here before is confusing. Without a road map, things can get strange fast. You basically have a few options:a. Blindly look on the real estate websites for apartment listings in Georgian and in neighborhoods you’ve never heard...

Get Inspired

We shine a light on people that make an impact on society – artists, musicians, designers and others whose lives have inspired us.

Interview With Luka Metreveli (L8)

Interview With Luka Metreveli (L8)

By Ana Mikatadze   I first met Luka at the 4GB music festival. Back then I didn’t know his name or the fact that he was a DJ. We both practically lived there and would warmly greet each other. The same would happen at the Open Air festival and at Mzesumzira fest...

The Pantomimist – Amiran Shalikashvili Junior

The Pantomimist – Amiran Shalikashvili Junior

By Ana Mikatadze   The story of Amiran Shalikashvili’s Pantomime Theater turned out to be far more interesting than I had anticipated. It was also unexpectedly sad. We talked about a lot of things: pantomime as a way of life, the state of the current theatre and...

Tea Purtseladze

Tea Purtseladze

Tea Purtseladze opened the opera Oscar nomination with legendary singer Andrea Bocelli in Venice on October 1st. We reached out to Tea to congratulate her on this wonderful accomplishment and chat with her about her career and future plans. First of all, please,...


We share with you big and small business stories and connect investors with Tbilisi based entrepreneurs.

Aiisa Condoms Tbilisi

Aiisa Condoms Tbilisi

When I was growing up in the Soviet Union in the late '70s my mom was probably one of the very, very few women who owned and drove cars. She had a grey 03 Lada. I remember, sitting on the passenger seat and looking at people's reaction when they'd see a woman behind...

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