Best Breakfasts In Vake


February 26, 2020

Best Breakfasts In Vake


February 26, 2020

Breakfasts are all about optimism.

As we sit down to enjoy our meal — be it a deliciously plated omelet or a virtuous little bowl of fruit and local yogurt — and, for a moment, whatever happened the night before or waits for us in the day to come is irrelevant. Tbilisi is rich in cute neighborhood places offering great breakfasts every day of the week. Whether you’re meeting up with friends or taking your toast alone, these nice spots in Vake district will have you starting the day strong.

Avocado toast breakfast at Kikliko, Tbilisi.

✱ An avocado toast with fried eggs.


A relatively new spot with nice outdoor seating, Kikliko is the cafe everyone wishes was in their neighborhood. It has something for every breakfast lover. The portions of the pancakes might look and feel a bit small but everything else is quite filling.

Bowl of oatmeal with fresh fruits and nuts, O Moda, Moda, Tbilisi.

✱ Oatmeal with fresh fruits and nuts.


O Moda, Moda is an artsy store with a great collection of vintage clothing, jewelry, and other cool stuff. It’s also a very hip cafe with a great backyard, delicious food, and coffee. The atmosphere is one of a kind! But don’t take out word for it. Check it out and enjoy your meal!

Pizza at Endorphin, Tbilisi.

✱ Pizza variety.


If you’re in a mood for something round, made with dough, with toppings or fillings – head to Endorphin. They have both Georgian and Italian delicious dishes. Once you’re there in person, the smells and items on the menu will help you make up your mind. But no matter what you choose, Italian or Georgian – you won’t be disappointed!

Freshly baked pastries at Entree, Tbilisi.

✱ Freshly baked pastries. 


This popular chain in Tbilisi has been satisfying the day-to-night needs of locals and visitors. You can grab a ready-made sandwich to go or order something from the menu and enjoy it in a very cozy atmosphere. The pastries and coffee are delicious too.

Avocado toast with fried egg at Lui Coffee, Tbilisi.

✱ Fried eggs over avocado toast. 

Lui Coffee

This is one of the loveliest-looking places to eat in Vake, but the food would be worth a trip even in a duller setting. Grab a book when you leave home as you might want to indulge in reading with a nice cup of coffee. Or sit by a large window and enjoy people watching.

Delicious toast at L'Eclair de Genie, Tbilisi

✱ Delicious toast with prosciutto.  

L’Eclair de Génie

This is one place in the city that will make you have a dessert twice – once before your lunch and once after lunch. The eclairs are so delicious looking and tasting that there’s no point in resisting them. And that’s exactly what you should do. But that’s enough about the eclairs: their menu has very interesting and quite filling salads, toasts, soups and much more.

Fresh pastries at Lily Vanilli, Tbilisi

✱ Sweet or savory quiche and fresh baked pastries. 

Lily Vanilli

They are mostly famous for their cakes, but they definitely have some great tasting wraps, sandwiches, and quiche. So, no matter what you have for breakfast, remember to leave some room for a delicious dessert!

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