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Tbilisi Today

Follow these photographers around the city to discover something new every day.


By Nikoloz Chuguashvili

The Green Climbers

Old Town by Masha Fedorova.

Vantage Point

Only when you’re up high and looking down at the city you feel why so many people before you have fallen in love with her.

By Jennifer Rice

The Boys of Yesteryear

It’s tough out there right now. That’s undeniable. The COVID-19—is dramatically altering the structure of our everyday lives with orders of social distancing, curfews, quarantines, etc.


Streets of Tbilisi

One of the city’s tree-lined streets that’s so pleasant to walk on during the summer heat.

Old town blues

Strolling down the hill in the old town.

Photo by Madras91

Georgian Artists

Showcasing art by recognized and emerging artists.


Scared to find out what this mix of drugs is doing to me.

Aison Ower

Oil on canvas

Mako Lomadze

My kind of Medusa
Oil on round canvas

Mariam Sitchinava

Tbilisi Neighborhoods

Our neighborhoods are very diverse yet equally enjoyable with their own distinct vibe and architecture.



The reason why we’ve decided to combine these three amazing districts is that, first of all, they are right next to each other and second of all, they share the same character. So, here we go. Mtatsminda   As you come to Tbilisi, you just realize that all the...



Chugureti district is a touristic pearl on the left bank of the river Mtkvari, starting from Queen Tamar Avenue and the Station Square all the way to Avlabari. Tbilisi’s old German neighborhood, Marjanishvili is one of the loveliest, liveliest neighborhoods you can...



One of the most prestigious and densely populated residential neighborhoods, Saburtalo became a part of Tbilisi only in 1917. The area, which was often used for various ball games, was given the same name Saburtalo, meaning “ball-playing area”. Saburtalo is a largely...

Get Inspired

We shine a light on people that make an impact on society – artists, musicians, designers and others whose lives have inspired us.

Filmmaker Anuna Bukia

Filmmaker Anuna Bukia

By Liza Tsitsishvili I’m going to introduce to you about a young woman, Georgian film director Anuna Bukia, who had to leave her home with her parents in the 90s, during the conflict between Georgia and Abkhazia. She has been living in Tbilisi, far away from her home,...

Assa Novikova

Assa Novikova

Five Questions For Expats  By Stan Gaivoronsky   Assa, where did you come from and why? I moved here from Moscow because I fell in love with a Georgian guy named Gabriel. I’ve been visiting Tbilisi very frequently since last year and dreamed of making it my home...

Tam OOnz

Tam OOnz

One of my favorite things to do is to get lost in any city and find street art, somewhere off the beaten path. While wandering in Tbilisi, I realized that I am specifically drawn to the works of TAm OOnz. I had no idea who she was. But I sensed that it was a female...


We share with you big and small business stories and connect investors with Tbilisi based entrepreneurs.

Connecting East With West

Connecting East With West

By Mila Di Bella EuroAsian Startup Awards: Connecting East with West After last years success of reaching 3000 ecosystem players, MeOut Group is organizing EuroAsian Startup Awards (EASA) for the second time with the brave aim to connect talented startuppers and...

Scoot Scoot

Scoot Scoot

By Ana Mikatadze Moving around Tbilisi is somewhat problematic. Pedestrians are constantly forced to find their way around the cars parked right on the sidewalks, and drivers won’t be able to tell you if they get to their destination faster by car or on foot. While...

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