A Few Good Reasons To Be A Tourist In Your Own Country


May 18, 2020

A Few Good Reasons To Be A Tourist In Your Own Country


May 18, 2020

We can all name at least ten different types of khachapuri from different regions of Georgia but most of us have probably never traveled to some of those regions. Well, this could be the summer when you can taste Imeruli khachapuri in Imereti, Megruli in Samegrelo (with local sulguni, yum!), and while doing this enjoy the amazing views of the countryside. 

International tourism will most probably be severely reduced for the rest of the year. People will not be allowed to travel for some time and even when they can, will they want to, or be able to financially?  So, it would be quite important for all of us to support the growth of domestic travel. Farmers, villagers, café, restaurant and hotel owners, tour operators, and hike organizers need our help.

We’ve all visited some of the most famous destinations in Georgia and it’s always a fantastic experience. Yet, there’s so much more to see and admire. Here are a few reasons why exploring our own country and just staying put is a great idea. 

✱ Gergeti Trinity Church under Mount Kazbek. Photograph by Dmitri Vetrov.

Let’s call it a journey of self-discovery

You can only know who you are by truly knowing where you’re from. You’ll finally be able to get out after the lockdown and explore not only the history but also the unifying character of people living in each region.

✱ Georgian countryside. Photograph by Eke Miedaner

Refresh your mind and soul

After staring at the four walls of your apartment for a few months you need an escape. The time spent in the great outdoors will definitely refresh your mind. Staying in your own country and close to home is simplifying that much-needed escape. There’s no big packing list involved and the cost for domestic travel is quite manageable. You can even do a weekend trip and still manage to see a lot and unwind your mind. 

✱ Svaneti. Photograph by Levan Nioradze

Feed your pride

Some of you may agree that pride is a national characteristic and feeding it might not be necessary or healthy. Well, this is about exploring your country and feeling a sense of place and belonging. By discovering its hidden gems, you feel a different kind of pride, a raw version of it, for the achievements of all the people that lived on this land before you.

✱ Tusheti boy. Photograph by Mitchell Kanashkevich


Rediscover childhood memories

Is there a photograph in your family album that you love and have probably asked a million questions about it? Well, this is a great chance to finally get up and go to the same place and indulge in your memories.

✱ Stepantsminda, Georgia. Photograph by Liliya Boldyreva.

Refresh your senses

Climbing a hill or going on an extra-long walk in the countryside may have an amazing effect on you. You’ll love how fresh you’d feel after that day trip.

✱ Ketrisi Mineral Vaucluse. Photograph by Marek Kopciuszyński. 

Make friends close to home

There’s nothing like meeting kindred spirits. A lot of travelers are amazed at how welcoming and authentic the people living in the Georgian countryside are. It’s a great chance to see it by yourself.


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