Tbilisi – The Sublime Woman!

She doesn’t really care how long she’s been around. She’s magnetic, attracting and pulling you towards her while at the same time, pulling you backward, throwing stuff at you you’re not always ready for. She may piss you off, like really piss you off while at the same time she’ll show you something you can’t live without — her world. Her world of wonder and awe, the way she shows you things you didn’t notice before, look at things you never understood and question everything you thought you knew. 

If you’re lucky enough to have her like you and let you into her weird world, cherish that feeling and never let that go. She’ll introduce you to the freak inside you. She’ll never ask for anything in return and doesn’t have any expectations from you. 

But she does want to get to know you and learn all about those tiny dreams you have and that’s all she wants to hear about. She’ll show you what it’s like to not take anyone or anything seriously, including yourself. 

She’ll teach you to laugh everything off.

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