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Follow these photographers around the city to discover something new every day.


By Nikoloz Chuguashvili

The Green Climbers

Old Town by Masha Fedorova.

Vantage Point

Only when you’re up high and looking down at the city you feel why so many people before you have fallen in love with her.

By Jennifer Rice

The Boys of Yesteryear

It’s tough out there right now. That’s undeniable. The COVID-19—is dramatically altering the structure of our everyday lives with orders of social distancing, curfews, quarantines, etc.


Streets of Tbilisi

One of the city’s tree-lined streets that’s so pleasant to walk on during the summer heat.

Old town blues

Strolling down the hill in the old town.

Photo by Madras91

Georgian Artists

Showcasing art by recognized and emerging artists.


Scared to find out what this mix of drugs is doing to me.

Aison Ower

Oil on canvas

Mako Lomadze

My kind of Medusa
Oil on round canvas

Mariam Sitchinava

Tbilisi Neighborhoods

Our neighborhoods are very diverse yet equally enjoyable with their own distinct vibe and architecture.



The history of Vake, which means a lowland, starts from the nineteenth century, as a small settlement on the territory of Old Vera. In the Development plan of Tbilisi from 1906, only the Nobility Gymnasium building is mentioned in this area (currently the 1st building...



This district is the place where you go if you’ve lost your tourist friend. It is the MOST touristy area in the whole city. This place is just crowded with tourist attractions. The district of Ortachala (this area is better known as Old Town) and a part of Krtsanisi...



Ask anyone where the main transportation hub and outdoor market is and they will point you towards Didube. Didube Station is a domestic hub of Marshkutras (minibusses). If you need a ride to the North or the West you go there. This is where buses to a number of...

Get Inspired

We shine a light on people that make an impact on society – artists, musicians, designers and others whose lives have inspired us.

Mako Lomadze

Mako Lomadze

By Ana Mikatadze I met with Mako Lomadze in her studio for our conversation. Her paintings were laying in every corner, and the atmosphere was quite appropriate for the place – filled with positive, creative energy. Having an interview in such a lovely space while...

Tato Rusia

Tato Rusia

By Ana Mikatadze   The influence of modern times is probably most noticeable in the Georgian music industry. Apart from the development of the electronic music scene, a lot of bands we don’t get tired of listening to started to pop up. So, we decided to approach...

Interview With Eka Mazmishvili

Interview With Eka Mazmishvili

By Liza Tsitsishvili I had the greatest pleasure to sit down for an interview with the director of the Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre and Kote Marjanishvili Theatre Eka Mazmishvili. Eka graduated from the faculty of History and Theory of Art at Ivane...


We share with you big and small business stories and connect investors with Tbilisi based entrepreneurs.

Ivan Mitin And Chateau Chapiteau

Ivan Mitin And Chateau Chapiteau

Five Questions For Expats  By Stan Gaivoronsky Where did you come from and why? Ivan: I came here from Israel where I recently got my citizenship. Prior to that, I lived in Moscow, periodically traveling around the world. I have long dreamt of opening a magical...

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