Best Bars In Tbilisi


March 16, 2020

Best Bars In Tbilisi


March 16, 2020

Tbilisi may have more access to nature than any other major capital in the region, but we don’t spend all of our time hiking, biking, climbing rocks, and admiring the beauty around us. We live in a drinking town – with secret cocktail bars up the narrow streets, dives where you might see your ex’s mom sitting at the bar, and breweries that keep their prices low so you can get a few pitchers without going completely broke. And while new places open up all the time, there are some local favorite spots that we hope never close and that we return to again and again. The ones that help make Tbilisi what it is. That’s what’s on our list. 

✱ Photographer Eugeny Chulyuskin for Seasons magazine.


There’s so much already written about Fabrika, so I’m just going to mention that a while back they had the hottest bartender in town. 

Address: 8 Egnate Ninoshvili Street, Tbilisi, Georgia 0102

✱ Concert at the Bauhaus Bar.

Bauhaus Bar

A favorite spot for locals for warm summer evenings. They have some nice bites on the menu but eating isn’t necessary here – we come in all the time to just sit in the open-space bar, have a drink, and escape the swarms of aimlessly wandering tourists.

Address: Dedaenis Bagi, Tbilisi, Georgia 0105

✱ The socializing crowd outside Warszawa Bar.

Warszawa Bar

An affordable bar for cheap drinks where customers prefer standing outside to socialize. Our favorite part of this bar is the downstairs dungeon, partially because it feels like you got teleported to someone’s basement from the 1800s, and partially because the phone service sucks, so you can’t be bothered while you drink one too many of their chacha’s. 

Address: 19 Aleksandr Pushkin Street, Tbilisi, Georgia 0152

✱ Cafe Stamba, Tbilisi.

Cafe Stamba

You could say that we’re spoiled with good bars in this city, but when we want to impress a date out, we go to Stamba. This place feels a bit like a private club with its nice decor, and they serve a mix of fusion cuisine to make sure you don’t go hungry while you try a few glasses of wine or signature cocktails.

Address:  14, 0108 Merab Kostava St, Tbilisi

✱ Patio sitting at Amodi. 


Amodi in Georgian means to “come upstairs,” which perfectly suits the bar. To get there you walk up a hill on narrow cobblestone streets.  On clear days, this bar has great views of Rike Park and the Mtkvari River. Amodi is a great place to hang out, listen to live music and just enjoy the view!

Address: 6 Gomi II Turn, Tbilisi

✱ 41 Art of Drinks right before it opens its doors. 

41° Art of Drinks

This fairly new bar is a must-visit if you’re into serious mixology. The first four drinks on the menu rotate every week so that the highly skilled bartenders can exercise their creativity. It’s a small bar, great for dropping by with a friend or two, or rather alone. Talk to the bartenders instead! 

Address: 19 Galaktion Tabidze St, Tbilisi

✱ The wonderful creation of Cocktail Factory staff. 

Cocktail Factory

A trio of bartender friends opened this modern cocktail bar, which defies anyone’s expectations for what a cocktail bar should look and taste like. Must visit if you’re in a mood for a tasty and good looking cocktail with Georgian ingredients. 

Address: 26 Shota Rustaveli Ave, T’bilisi

✱ Casual Friday night at Meoba. 


If you’re alone in the city this is the place to go and make Georgian friends. No kidding. It’s a popular spot for young locals and it’s got a reasonably priced menu. 

Address: 23, Shota Rustaveli Ave, Tbilisi

✱ Black Dog Bar, Tbilisi.

Black Dog Bar 

This is probably the favorite bar for Tbilisi based ex-pats and it’s dog-friendly too. They have nice craft beer and some snacks that go well with beer, cozy atmosphere and chill music. What else do you need for a Saturday evening? 

Address: 33 Lado Asatiani St, Tbilisi

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