Best Burgers In Tbilisi


February 22, 2020

Best Burgers In Tbilisi


February 22, 2020

Khinkali and various types of khachapuri might hog the spotlight in Tbilisi but we sure have some mouthwatering burgers. 

✱ Photograph courtesy of Burger City

Burger City

There’s something about the fried egg-atop-burger that remains a notion burger eaters have not fully embraced. If fried eggs on burgers are your thing, please enjoy it forever and you can do it at Burger City. If not, they have much more to surprise your taste buds.

✱ Photograph courtesy of Respublika Grill Bar

Respublika Grill Bar

19 Pavle Ingorokva St, Tbilisi 0108, Georgia

It’s hard to amaze Americans with a good hamburger but some of my American friends consider Respublika Grill Bar a decent place for steaks and hamburgers. Anyway about the burger: the beef is excellent, the bun is buttery and toasty, and the microgreens are a nice touch. It’s simple and perfectly done every time. We’re also pretty down with the side of crispy french fries that comes with them.

✱ Photograph courtesy of Burger House 

Burger House

Aleksandr Pushikin st. 25, Tbilisi

Some people consider this not only the best burger house in town but in the whole country. The space is small but cozy, the menu is clear and makes your life easier. Burger House has any burger you could possibly want but our favorite is the pork belly with kimchi. It tastes so good your belly will be murmuring “გმადლობ!” afterward.

✱  Photograph courtesy of Organique Josper Bar 

Organique Josper Bar

Bambis Rigi 12, Tbilisi

Using only Georgian produce and baking their food in a specialized oven, the chefs at Organique Josper Bar know what they’re doing as they do it so well. There are a lot of great items on the menu, but the mouthwatering chicken hamburger is so worth a visit. Don’t say we didn’t warn you — decadence awaits!

✱  Photograph courtesy of Burger Bar

Burger Bar  – Local Favorite! 

15 Alexander Kazbegi Ave, Tbilisi

If you ask your local friends about a good burger spot, you’ll be directed towards the Burger Bar. And, yes, they are absolutely worth it. The service is great and the burgers are delish. The squid ink bun cheeseburger is on my personal bucket list! 

✱  Photograph courtesy of MacLaren’s Irish Pub

MacLaren’s Irish Pub

5 Rkinis Rigi St. Tbilisi 

Of all the burgers on the list, MacLaren’s classic cheeseburger is likely to be held closest to Americans’ hearts. It’s a nice patty with cheese, lettuce, and tomato on a sesame bun. Go after a nice evening walk, and you’ll soon be a MacLaren’s disciple, too.

✱  Photograph courtesy of Krab’s Burger

Krab’s Burger

Irakli Abashidze 2, Tbilisi

What’s better than a big, juicy burger, piled high with all the fixings? That’s exactly what you get at Krab’s. Take a deep breath and dive in any of their burgers. Your jaw might hurt a liitle bit the next day, but a frequent visit to the joint will help you keep the muscles trained!

✱  Photograph courtesy of Strada


Strada is a café with contemporary American and Asian fusion cuisine created by an international team of chefs from New York, London, and Moscow. They have two burgers on their menu and both are delish. Have you tried the burger made with a black bun? If not, this is the place to check it out. The burger has a salmon patty inside and comes with fresh salad and sweet pickled cucumber. 

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