Everything For Your Home


March 12, 2020

Everything For Your Home


March 12, 2020

There’s actually a wealth of furniture and home decor stores in Tbilisi—from big showrooms to small boutiques—that stock unique pieces in just about every style, not to mention, plenty of options for beautiful handmade furnishings.

These stores are all worth checking out if you’re shopping for furniture or accessories in Tbilisi.



Address: Galeria Tbilisi, Rustaveli Ave N:2/4 — Gldani Plaza, Vekua St N:14 — Gelovani Ave N:36 — Vazha Pshavela Ave N:70 — Agmashenebeli Ave N:158

Transform your home into a stylish and functional space at an affordable price with JYSK. A one-stop-shop for bedroom, dining, living and office furniture.

✱ Danish House

Danish House

Address: Agmashenebeli Ave N:154

Shop the best in Danish design with their interesting collection of Danish decor, gifts, accessories, furniture and much more. 

✱ Ceramic Studio 1300 Jibu/Taso

Ceramic Studio 1300 Jibu/Taso

Address: Egnate Ninoshvili St N:8

Visit the studio to check out their wonderful collection of functional ceramics and homeware rooted in folk craft and modern design.

✱ Coincasa Georgia 

Coincasa Georgia

Address: Kazbegi Ave N:24 — Rustaveli Ave N: 42

Italian brand Coincasa focuses on sustainability and natural resources. Visit their showroom for a colorful collection of items from all over the world. You’ll definitely find something for your home!

✱ Commodus Design

Commodus Design

Address: Irakli Abashidze St N: 40

Make sure to stop by at Commodus for an ever-changing selection of amazing finds proudly produced in Georgia.

✱ Zero Effect

Zero Effect

Address: Petre Melikishvili St N:7

Zero waste concept store for people who already care and people who should start caring about their ecological footprint. 

✱ Tac Georgia 

Tac Georgia

Address: Vazha Pshavela Ave: 15/17

For home decor, bedding, tapestries, rugs and much more, check out Tac.

✱ Ikea Basket 

IKEA Basket

Address: Chabua Amirejibi Hwy N:6

Probably one of the most recognized home furnishing stores in the world. You can shop for IKEA’s signature modern, minimal look at affordable prices.

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