Also Vegetarian

Also Vegetarian

Considering all the delicious vegetables and fruits grown in Georgia, Tbilisi could become the Mecca for meatless dining.

Tbilisi’s vegetarian and vegan scene is not quite diverse yet but it is still delicious. Every restaurant has at least a few vegetarian options available on the menu. If you don’t mind eating out with a group of omnivorous friends, here are the restaurants (with outside seating) with delicious vegetarian options:

Hands down, Shavi Lomi is my first choice if I want to have an authentic Georgian dinner with a group of friends.

The atmosphere is great and the food is delicious. It’s also situated on a beautiful, tree-lined street. The bohemian interior is very nice, but I prefer courtyard sitting, especially during summer evenings.

Try some of their salads, soups, village-style potatoes and the large plates with spinach, beet, carrot and red bean pastes.

I’ve been a vegetarian for about three years and rarely find an item on a menu that puzzles me.

Cafe Stamba has a few items on their menu that are vegetarian, very inventive and quite delicious.

Would love to go back for more Pasta Penne or baked eggplant sometime very soon!

Cafe Stamba has very attentive staff and is definitely one of the rare spots in Tbilisi where the high quality of service makes you wonder whether you’re in Tbilisi or someplace else.

Keto and Kote restaurant was highly recommended by a friend of mine who has traveled far and wide and is a restauranteur himself.

The atmosphere is very welcoming. You instantly feel nostalgic for some reason and crave the flavors of your childhood. The food and presentation are both outstanding and charming.

Try mini khinkali with cheese with pesto sauce, the fresh vegetable salads and spreads. The portions are quite generous, so make sure to save some room for desserts as they are out of this world.

Sofia Melnikova’s Garden is not as classy as the above options, but it definitely has some character.

I’ve only tried fresh lemonade in their garden on one sunny afternoon, but I am going to take my friend Sophio’s word for it. She can’t recommend the place enough.

Sofia Melnikova’s Garden is quite centrally located, but not easy to find. However, it’s worth the search. Try their mushroom khinkali when you find the restaurant and some fresh salads!

Salobie Bia is a basement restaurant full of cool stuff you can spend some time to look at while waiting for your food.

They have art by local artists, antique household items and collectibles on display. You should definitely try Georgian Lobiani (bean bread) and Khachpuri at Salobie Bia. Even a simple garden salad with tomatoes and cucumber tastes better here.

Their Tkhemali sorbet and Taragon panna cotta may sound a bit strange but once you give it a try, you’ll definitely go back for more.


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