Photographer Dmitri Gomberg

Photographer Dmitri Gomberg

The most concise interview about Tbilisi was with Dima Gomberg. Dmitry lived in an inaccessible region of Georgia with Tusheti shepherds for several years and is working on a photo book about his experience. 

Where did you come from and why? 

I moved here from New York. There is less stress here.

In what area do you live? 

I live in Sololaki. 

What are five of your favorite places in Tbilisi? 

Shavi Lomi, METIS, Kodzhorskaya street, the blue house behind the Academy of Sciences, my own apartment. 

What are you working on at the moment, tell us about your project? 

Now I am publishing a book about the shepherds of Tusheti. More here: @dmitrygomberg

What are the five things in Georgia that surprised you?

How everyday communication amongst people is very easy going. The city is very cinematic. The sheer number of funerals I attended. Tusheti. Javakheti.

Can you say something in Georgian?

Kargat ikhavit.

Stan Gaivoronsky
Stan Gaivoronsky

Author of the book “How to open a bookstore and not to screw up", founder of the school of creative writing and the blog "Tbilisi and surrounding area". Born and raised in Moscow, lives in Tbilisi.

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