Tbilisi is getting more and more attention from nightlife lovers. Our need to socialize mixed pretty well with our love for alcohol and partying. Only a couple of years ago, my friends and I had a hard time finding a suitable bar to drink and have fun, but today we have a hard time picking out one from so many cool options. No matter what’s your taste for music or design, there is something for everyone in the capital of Georgia. What’s more, there are different places for different stages of your crazy night out, and if you do decide to see Tbilisi’s nightlife, I strongly recommend not to stick to one destination alone.

Before we start, I’ll tell you a little secret – Tbilisi’s nightlife is quite a moving scene. Once a new bar opens up and not that many people know about it, it becomes the primary destination for all the hipsters of the city. Unfortunately, after attracting too many eyes not only does the place lose its quality (habit of the money-hungry owners), the aura worsens too. That is why most people often change their favorite bar or café and migrate to another one. So try to stay updated on the situation by asking a local (if you know one) – or you can always contact us for advice.

If you haven’t had a chance to look over Tbilisi from above, and if you’d like to start your night’s adventure with great food in your belly, Amodi is the place for you. Amodi in Georgian means ‘come up’, emphasizing on its location. So, maybe you’ll have to climb a little to get there, but it’s definitely worth it, this place works on its quality on an everyday basis. It’s more of a restaurant than a bar, but they have both cool drinks and amazing Georgian dishes. While you wait for your Xachapuri or Mchadi sandwich, ask the bartender to mix a nice cocktail for you – the list of drinks is as long as the menu.

Too lazy to climb up that high? Then you can visit any of the many cafes located right next to each other on Melikishvili Avenue, behind Hard Rock Cafe. You can either enter from Wine Factory or Tbili Sio – both lead to one gigantic space, and once you go deeper you’ll find many more like Bbq house #8, Shadrevani, Kikodze, etc. Check the weather before you go, since it mostly offers outside seating. I mostly enjoy Tbili Sio’s cool swing-benches and hammocks for relaxation.

About five blocks from there towards Rustaveli Avenue you’ll find another place called “Lolita”. If you’re a smoker like me, consider going to this place in case of bad weather – I guess it’s the only one where you’re allowed to smoke inside. Keep in mind that just like the name – Lolita is attractive and charming, but that’s about it. In terms of the quality of service, it has a lot of room for improvement.

Once you’re already a little tipsy and probably have made a bunch of Georgian friends while getting there, I suggest you keep on partying instead of quitting too early – much more awaits you here, regardless the day of the week. If you are a lover of electronic music and dancing just like me, you can always find a place to go, except for Mondays (yes, that’s how cool we are!).

For example, café-Gallery is open not only on weekends but on Tuesdays too. During the day they serve delicious food (their Pizza is a must-try), and as for the dancing scene, the DJ starts playing from midnight until the very morning, so you don’t need to be in a rush, enjoy every place you visit during your night out!

Up for dancing on Wednesdays or Thursdays too? Try checking out my personal favorite Bar/Club – Dedaena. I always keep on starting my mornings here if I’m really up for partying. On contrary to Café-Gallery, Dedaena Bar is open only until 2 AM but it starts early too – from 9 PM the DJ is already kicking ass. By the way, every Sunday you can come here to dance to Hip-Hop as well!

If you prefer a more bar-like situation with popular hits to sing along to, Bauhaus is located right nearby Dedaena bar. There is no live scene (although on some days you may find different bands playing) but still a wonderful atmosphere and a good place to make new friends… actually, you can do that anywhere, but anyways, get ready to dance and sing on the tables (yes, on the tables!) if you choose this location. 

Remember, this is only a short list of places that are getting the most attention these days. Visit us again to find out more about Tbilisi Nightlife – another post is coming soon featuring Night Clubs – I promise we won’t bore you by talking only about the world-famous Bassiani!

Mushroom Blue
Mushroom Blue

23 y/o Georgian girl born and raised in Tbilisi. Currently working as a blogger, translator, and editor. Interests include philosophy, art, and quantum physics (you read it right). I spend my free time writing fiction, painting and, of course, having fun.

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