Let’s get in Touch

Let’s get in Touch

During the last two days of October, Tbilisi became the host of another special event. Touch Digital Summit introduced specialists from such well-established companies such as NASA, Nike, Google, IndieGoGo and many more.

For the 4th year in a row in Tbilisi, Touch Digital Summit gave our community the opportunity to get insights on a variety of topics during 2 days of intense meetups. Topics included building tech business, enterprise digitization, content creation, data science, product design, and entrepreneurship.

More than 45 speakers were invited to attend this special event. Over 1000 attendees from Georgia, its neighboring countries, Europe and the Middle East were in attendance.

Touch Digital Summit conquered Rustaveli theatre for two days of keynote speeches, workshops, and Q/A sessions important for business owners, creative professionals, developers, startups and, well, basically everybody from any field of specialty. 

B2B meetings, and lounge and networking zones gave attendees a huge opportunity to meet and discuss topics of interest with each other and the attending speakers. Even more important than that, startups chosen by Touch organizers participated in a pitching competition. These startups had an opportunity to test themselves and introduce their ideas to a large audience with potential users, employees, and investors.

But, what is a great event without an even greater after party? By accident or by chance, Touch Digital Summit concluded on the 31st of October when Halloween started. This became the main theme of the after-party that took place in Daraba. Speakers and attendees alike went from suits and ties to Dracula teeth and zombie outfits, and that’s where the fun continued.

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