Four Reasons To Visit Tbilisi

Four Reasons To Visit Tbilisi

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As a born and raised Tbilisian, I may be subjective while talking about my home city. However, I believe that If you are looking for new experiences and places to spend your summer holidays, this is just the right place to visit. Tbilisi is the city that has stood for almost 2 thousand years. Through that time, it has seen everything including wars, revolutions, Soviet rule, destruction, and rebuilding… Now it is striving to be one of the most marvelous European capitals.

As I often say, my generation is transactional – the one that’s remembering the past but trying to filter it and create a new path for our country.  Even though Tbilisi still has a long way to go, it is definitely worth seeing. Out of many many reasons, here are four main ones (in my opinion)  that will make you add Tbilisi to your travel list:

Architecture That Reflects The History 

iamtvilisi. Tbilisi City architecture

Tbilisi architecture is the perfect mix of old and contemporary. You can sense the history in every building you pass through. Architecture in Tbilisi varies between districts. There is the part of the city called “Old Tbilisi” where you can see historic buildings, like 17th-century bath district, castles, and churches. Tbilisi has one of the most striking examples of Soviet architecture reflecting the Soviet megalomania. My personal favorite is the current Bank of Georgia headquarters that used to house the Soviet ministry of roads. With all the historical buildings you can see the newest bridges, skyscrapers, and monuments that are proof that Tbilisi is all about progress and development.

Nature That is All Around You 

Father and son fishing at lisi lake. Photo by Eleve Vardidze.

If you get tired of watching buildings and breathing city smog you can visit spots that are full of greenery and fresh air. National Botanical Garden of Tbilisi is probably the best getaway the city has to offer. Here you can see plants from all around the world and the plants that are only found in Georgia. Tbilisi Hippodrome, Lisi Lake and Turtle Lake are just perfect for arranging picnics with friends. The best thing about these places is that you don’t even need to leave Tbilisi – they are like oases in the city desert!

Night Life That’s Worth Living

Clubbing culture has become one of the signature characteristics of Tbilisi in recent years. I am not a huge fan of electronic or house music. However, my raver friends made me attend a few events and it was pretty awesome. Even from my small experience, I understood that the rave is not just about moving along with the music. It is the way of expressing your true self and experiencing freedom. Tbilisi clubs such as Bassiani and Khidi are really famous through locals and tourists. Bassiani has even been named among the best clubs in Europe because of the high-quality sound system. So if you are looking for a great clubbing destination to complement your travel experience, Tbilisi has a lot to offer. 

Food That You’ve Never Tasted Before

iamtbilisi. Georgian Cuisine
Photo: Melissa Hom/New York Magazine

A lot has been said and written about Georgian cuisine but can you ever have too much of it? I don’t think so! Each part of Georgia has its unique type of food. If you don’t have time to travel the whole country you can just visit any Georgian restaurant in Tbilisi. Here you will be able to taste food that will blow you away! In Georgian food, you can taste both east and west, restaurant-quality and wildness, complicated flavors and simple ones…

Georgian food is famous for its unique flavors. I think, that spices that are only found here are ones to “blame”. If you decide to taste some local cuisine make sure you try food from Samegrelo, west of the country. It is indeed my personal favorite. Most importantly, make sure you leave some room for our national dessert. Churchkhela, Gozinaki, Felamushi…If you are a walnut nut like me, you will enjoy Georgian sweets very much. 

If I was a foreigner, in my mind, these four reasons that I described would definitely drive me to Tbilisi. So, if you decide to come here I’m sure you’ll be able to find your reasons to fall in love with this city.

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