eZo Festival 2019 After Party

eZo Festival 2019 After Party

Line-up /

Ako Von Unten
Dr. Emmett Brown
Frankie Beatnik
Levi Love Disco

eZo Festival again has been an unbelievable blast this year ☀️
Each and every one of you literally faced wind and rain and all of us together exceeded all the expectations. 

So we decided to reopen the sky for one more time for our Birdie to unfold its wings. 🌻 
July 26 at 22:00 – eZo Festival After Party and final sharing of the Sun at Mtsatsminda Hill 🚀

Mushroom Blue
Mushroom Blue

23 y/o Georgian girl born and raised in Tbilisi. Currently working as a blogger, translator, and editor. Interests include philosophy, art, and quantum physics (you read it right). I spend my free time writing fiction, painting and, of course, having fun.

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